Funds Raised



Make Love Not Scars is a unique youth initiative to rehabilitate survivors of acid attacks and other forms of gender-based violence and discrimination and facilitate their integration with society. We are a group of energetic, passionate and committed youth who are keen to make a positive impact on our society through meaningful groundwork.

Through our upcoming interactive website, we will showcase survivors of gender-based violence from across India and even other countries through video-blogs, stories, short films and artwork.

The website will be the face of our activities on the ground, which will include support for their treatment (including plastic surgery), support for justice through the judicial system and rehabilitation through employability training.

As a professional organisation, we will maintain the highest standards of transparency with respect to funds raised by us, and a bulk of the funds will be used to directly benefit survivors of gender-violence.

Our Mission :-

Our aim is to help establish a "new normal" in society where gender-based violence and discrimination of all forms - acid attacks, female foeticide, bride burning, rape etc. - are seen as archaic and unacceptable by all sections of society.

In our efforts to achieve our aim, we will seek to work in partnership with all social institutions including the government, other NGOs, celebrities, corporates, the media and of course, dedicated volunteers from different parts of the world.

Make Love Not Scars services :-

Make Love Not Scars services include but not limited to:

  • Contacting survivors and family
  • Assessing financial situation
  • Assisting with legal affairs
  • Assisting with medical paperwork
  • Psychological and Moral support for survivor and family
  • Social skills assistance
  • Social media connection via blog and facebook for each survivor
  • Government support via campaigns
  • Crowd sourcing for financial support
  • Education for survivors
  • Funding monthly medication for acid attack survivors. 


Cause we are working for :-

There are various costs that the victim of an acid attack has to bare even years after the attack that the government does not fund. For most survivors, even trips to the hospital are not possible because they do not have money to travel. A vital cost that needs to be covered is that of medication that every survivor has to use. Each and every survivor spends an average of 1000-3000 rupees on medication every month. Some need very specific eye drops in order to avoid being visually impaired, while others need creams in order to regain elasticity on burnt skin. There are months that the survivors cannot afford medication due to which their recovery is set back a significant amount. This campaign aims at raising funds to take care of the medication aspect for 6 survivors for one year. This will ensure that the survivors listed below do not have to worry about their medication and are taken care of. The funds will be dispersed to each survivors account on monthly bases to avoid the misuse of funds and a receipt will be taken into account by the NGO. Regular updates on each survivor will be provided to the funders. If any funder of this campaign is ever in doubt, they are more than welcome to contact us and we will put them in touch with the survivor so that the funder can ensure the funds are being used appropriately. We believe in complete transparency and our team will answer any questions or doubts.

We are raising funds for these people:-


Current age 4 years old.

Year of attack- 2014.

Area- Bihar

Reason- Nidhi is a child who was collateral damage in a nasty family battle. The attacker actually wanted to attack her cousin sister, Nidhi just happened to be sleeping in her cousins lap. The attack happened due to a family feud over a very small sum of money and was more of an ego battle.

Attacker status-  No justice. Attacker roams around free.

Government compensation status- Nil.


Current Age- 30 years

Year of attack-  1997. Attacked when she was 12.

Area- Bihar

Her 16-year-old neighbor used to harass Anupama frequently. When Anupama told her family of the ordeal after she couldn’t bare it anymore, it caused the 2 families to feud. The 16-year-old boy used this as a reason to sneak into Anupama’s room through a window at night while she was fast asleep next to her mother and viciously attacked her with acid. The attack left her beyond disfigured even 18 years after.

Attacker status- 18 years later, her attackers are still out on bail. She still longs for justice.

Government compensation status- Nil.


Current Age- 25 years old

Year of attack- 2011

Area- Rajasthan

Reason- The main target of the attack was her best friend who refused a mans marriage proposal. In 2011 when Padma was walking to class with her friend, the man attacked them both with acid. Padma was not at fault and had nothing to do with the situation.

Attacker status- Attacker was convicted and handed a 7 year sentence but he applied for bail in the High court, after which has been roaming free. Padma is still pending justice.

Government compensation status- Nil.


Current Age- 25

Year of attack 2014

Area- Andhra Pradesh

Reason- Sonia was born a boy but she always felt like a woman. This makes her a transgender, a community that is not accepted in India or understood. She was the soul earner of her family. She worked as a hijida and danced at weddings in order to earn money, offering her blessings to newly weds. Due to her beauty, another transgender from her group was jealous of Sonia and attacked her with acid because she earned the most. T is common to see violence towards the transgender society but this case is astonishing as Sonia was attacked by someone in her own community, its ironic as this community normally boasts of being very close knit.

Attacker status- Charge sheet filed, the case has still not gone to court due to the agonizingly slow judicial system.

Government compensation status- Nil.


Current Age- 21

Year of attack- 2013

Area- New Delhi

Reason- Sapnas cousins brother in law was 11 years older than her when he laid eyes on Sapna at a wedding they both attended. He then followed to harassing her and constantly proposing marriage. Sapna did not want to marry a much older man so she declined his offer; this angered him and caused him to attack Sapna in broad daylight while she was walking to work.

Attacker status- Matter still going on in lower court.

Government compensation status- Received, spent on surgeries.



Year of Attack- 2010

Area- Haryana

Reason- Anju went against her families wishes and married the man she loved. Soon after she married him, he turned extremely violent and started beating her up frequently. Anju thought that if they had a baby together, her husband would calm down. To Anju’s surprise after she gave birth to their baby girl, his behavior only got worse. Fearing for her child and her own safety, Anju left her husband to go back to her maiden home. This angered him further due to which he attacked her with acid.

Attacker status- Convicted for 5 years. Though her husband is currently in jail, he has threatened to ruin her life further once he gets out.

Government compensation status- Nil.